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Louisville Spine and Wellness Reviews

Hands holding heartWhat Our Louisville Patients Say

At Louisville Spine and Wellness we love when patients share with us their feedback and comments after chiropractic care. Please read our patient testimonials below to see what other people have achieved through their tailored treatment plans with us.

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Thorough and Passionate Care

Dr. Zemba was extremely thorough and passionate with his explanations of treatment. I’ve already recommended the practice to others after my first few visits because of the care and evidence based practices supported in the office!

– Lara M.

Felt Better Fast

Dr. Zemba was great. Very professional, competent and gave us the feeling right away that he cared about helping my 17 year old daughter who was suffering from severe back pain. He held true to his word and she felt better after just a few visits.

– Kylie H.

Kind and Courteous

Dr. Brett Zemba and staff have been AMAZING to work with. Everyone has been SO knowledgeable, kind, and courteous. Dr. Zemba takes his time to explain everything in a way you can understand.

– Carsyn M.

First Rate Doctor

Dr. Zemba and his staff are first rate. Doctor Zemba took the time with me and my son to thoroughly explain his diagnosis, treatment and expected outcome for my son’s sports injury. We left the office with complete confidence that the pain will respond to his therapies. I highly recommend Dr. Zemba and his team for anyone who has a chiropractic issue.

– Mason W.

“Gods” Inspired Doctors

Just the hope that the goddess Hygia inspires the doctor’s hands and observations. And the spirit of Gailen provides the doctor with any tricks and manipulations associated with helping the bodies interrelated systems to act in harmony, one with the other for a body that works well for itself.

– Randall W.

Above Excellent

From the moment I researched the website, then called the office the care and attention I received was above excellent. Elena and I spoke first, she was extremely helpful, knowledgeable and professional while making me feel like I knew her forever. She worked to get me into the office that very same day. Then at sign in I met Janice, she was equally awesome. Last but certainly not least I met Dr. Brett while I was coming out of the restroom. He was friendly and introduced himself to me immediately, he did not know I was his next appointment. His explanation of the care they provide was easy to understand, and it was completely obvious to me that he was going to work extremely hard to make sure he got my adjustment precise. WOW!!! I’ve been in chiropractic care for 34 years and Louisville Spine and Wellness is the BEST, if you are looking for a chiropractor STOP LOOK NO FURTHER this is definitely the place to TRUST with your care.

– Jojo P.


I have been seeing Dr Brett for 8 months. I was at the end of my options for my back pain and really didn’t think he would be able to help me. I had back surgery scheduled. After seeing him for a couple of months and putting in my end of the work, which wasn’t hard, I have canceled the back surgery and I’m in much less pain. I’ll never have a perfect back but at least I’m not crying with every move I make. I couldn’t walk through the zoo last year. This year I can.

That’s a big deal to a grandparent. I also took my 75 year old mom there today. She felt so much better after her first visit that she canceled her physical therapy appointment. She said she will go to PT later but right now she wants to enjoy the relief she found from the chiropractor. The bedside manor is top notch and the level of concern and genuine caring for your improvement is unmatched.

– Rhonda G on Facebook

Expertise and Compassion

Prior to discovering Dr. Brett Zemba, I was experiencing knee pain. As it turned out and was verified by my orthopedic surgeon, the source of my issue was an arthritic neck. Prior to seeing an orthopedic surgeon and the related MRI’s, Dr. Zemba had made an accurate diagnosis. Only at the advice of my internist to rule out the need for surgery did I even see the surgeon.

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The aforementioned surgeon negated the need for any surgery and prescribed therapy that only made the situation worse. Dr. Zemba’s treatments over the past couple of years have given me great relief. Unfortunately for Dr. Zemba, all medical personnel agree that I have a severe problem. Yet rather than basically telling me to live with it, he has worked tirelessly to bring me comfort and relief. Thanks to the brilliance and perseverance of Dr. Zemba I enjoy long periods of absence of any symptoms. Dr. Zemba’s patience and concern would be comforting even if his outstanding expertise did not radically improve my situation! Dr. Zemba was enthusiastically recommended to me by a couple of my friends. I have gladly returned the favor when I have encountered others who are desperate for relief. Despite the circumstances, everyone I know swears by the value of the expertise and compassion of Dr. Brett Zemba.

– Sherleen S.

Happy Experience

I am so happy with my experience at Louisville Spinal Care. D. Toby was very skilled, thorough and caring. After 4 months of constant neck pain, I can say in only 3 adjustments by Dr. Toby my neck pain is gone. I am highly recommending Louisville Spinal Care.

– Christine W.

Personable, and Really Listened

I really enjoyed the staff’s patience and quickness with answering all of my questions. Dr. David Zemba was easy to work with, personable, and really listened to complaints. A great visit and plan on making this office my permanent choice for years to come!

– Marissa S.


Anita and I have confidence that Dr. Zemba, Jr, is doing all possible to improve Anita’s health. We trust his judgement and advise. I wish Anita would have seen Dr. Zemba, Jr, four years ago concerning her automobile wreck.

– Anita & Charles B.

Great Staff!

The staff is great! The treatment is fast and actually works. Best experience I have ever had with anyone in this field.

– Elizabeth O.

Very Impressed

Very impressed with Dr. Zemba’s knowledge and expertise. I was a bit nervous, as it was my first ever chiropractic visit and I didn’t know what to expect, but that quickly vanished. Also, I instantly started feeling some relief during my first adjustment. Amazing! Equally impressed with the entire staff…very friendly and efficient and they all provide a comfortable and caring atmosphere.

– Mary C.


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