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About Us

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Our office has provided exceptional, comprehensive chiropractic care to the Louisville area for the past 40 years. We are dedicated to providing our patients with more than just relief care. We aim to arm them with the information they will need to maintain better spinal health and make informed decisions about their own care for life.

Our practice prides itself on being an honorable, longstanding Louisville bastion of care that always looks out for the best interests of our patients and community. We strongly believe in the inalienable truth of chiropractic that everyone could improve overall health by checking for spinal misalignment.

Louisville Spine and Wellness desires to be so much more than a standard local chiropractic practitioner. We strive beyond that, to both educate the public to the overall health benefits of chiropractic, and to act as a resource for the families in our beautiful community to achieve better health.

Everyone has exceeded my expectations! This is the best decision I’ve made for my health!

Stephanie, Chiropractic Patient


Our Approach to Care

Our approach is a simple, two-step process designed to help you first achieve your relief goals and then to help you maintain them for life.

Step One: Relief Care

Many of our patients seek our help in order to relieve pain and suffering from a litany of ailments and traumas. We start by directly addressing these symptoms in each session. This initial stage of intensive care is designed to relieve your acute pain by following a strategic path of steps:

  • Uncover the underlying cause of your current health problem
  • Design a personalized care plan specifically engineered to elicit fast, lasting results
  • Educate patients on how they can participate in their own recovery both in the initial stages as well as with post-symptomatic wellness care

Step Two: Wellness Care

True health is a journey, not a destination, and can sometimes require lifelong lifestyle changes. We aim to educate our patients on the value of continued chiropractic care for health maintenance. We feel that the prevailing sickness care model of only acting when symptoms arise is only detrimental in the long term.

Regular chiropractic maintenance care is only one of the important facets in adopting a more consistent wellness approach to your own health.

Controlling Your Own Care Plan

Our goal is only to service your health needs as you see fit. Regardless of your health goals, we view our relationship as a mutually beneficial one, where your input and feedback are the keys to achieving effective results.

Find out More! Contact us today for more information on our unique approaches to chiropractic care in Louisville.


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