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Functional Movement in Louisville

Patient consultationAt Louisville Spine and Wellness, we practice the belief that there are specific foundational movement patterns that we all learn from birth. We watch as our own children first breathe, then roll over, then assume a crawling position, and then crawl.

These foundational movement patterns don’t stop there, and allow us to develop into functioning, upright adults. However, certain traumas and certain postural positions can force us to lose these foundational patterns and, therein, our spine’s ability to function at an optimal level.

How We Fix It

In order to assess your functional movement, we take our patients through a movement screening that highlights all of their movement patterns, and tells us which of those patterns are dysfunctional. We have an established protocol to then turn these dysfunctions into functional movements.

This is achieved with both in office techniques and adjustments as well as recommended at home care.

How do I know if functional movement therapy is for me?

We perform functional movement screening examinations on all of our patients. If your screening is showing dysfunctions, then we will recommend this form of care as part of your ongoing plan.

Functional movement therapy can help maintain and restore movement, flexibility, and strength. Some of the primary benefits may include reduced stiffness and pain, increased energy, increased circulation, and the overall maintenance of a healthy functional body as you age.

Contact us today at our Louisville Office! Find out if functional movement therapy is right for you.

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