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Repair Your Gut, Naturally

Tummy out of orderOver the last several years, “leaky gut” has been talked about more and more. Surprisingly, new information suggests that to a degree, we all have a leaky gut. Though it sounds alarming, the fix might be easier than you think.

At Louisville Spine and Wellness, we often see people who have gut-related issues. With our functional medicine services, we can help your body get what it needs so that you can recover and work at your full potential.

It’s Not All About Genetics

Many people assume that any disease or disorder they have is related to their genes. That explanation, however, doesn’t account for why some people get a certain condition and others don’t. For example, a man may have high blood pressure and figure it’s inevitable because his mother had it. But if his sister doesn’t have high blood pressure, what’s the real reason?

Research shows that much of the answer may lie in inflammation. If your body has inflammation present, it could be the reason that you’re unable to heal from any condition or syndrome, including a leaky gut. That’s why our protocols within functional medicine begin by addressing inflammation.

Our three-step process to address a leaky gut is as follows:

  • Clear out the body’s inflammation
  • Repair the gut
  • Detoxify the body

Don’t Think You Have a Gut Issue? You Could Be Wrong

Over the last several years, studies show that our gut influences about 75-85% of our overall health. Though you may not know it, you could have a gut issue. Our functional medicine protocols for leaky gut have helped people with anxiety, depression, thyroid disorder, hormone imbalances and more.

If you’re wondering whether we can help you, contact Louisville Spine and Wellness now to book a consultation. With some simple changes, you can experience a higher quality of life!

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