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Get Your Spine Aligned for Proper Posture

woman sitting near windowAt Louisville Spine and Wellness, we have a multi-faceted approach to approving your health. One of the vital areas we focus heavily on is your posture. Our primary technique, Chiropractic BioPhysics®, concentrates on improving your posture.

Chiropractic BioPhysics, or CPB, is the most highly-researched technique within chiropractic. Research has been published about it in chiropractic and medical journals all over the world.

The Ideal Range of Your Spine’s Position

When it comes to your blood pressure or blood sugar, there is a normal range they can be within. It’s much the same for the optimum position of your spine. Based on scientific study, the spine has three curves you can view when looking from the side:

  • A backward curve in the neck
  • A forward curve in the mid-back
  • A backward curve in the low back

A spine with anything out of the optimum range of these curves can mean scoliosis, that you’ve had a car accident or any number of other forms of damage. According to research, it’s not just your muscles, ligaments and spinal discs that change when an improper curve is present. The function of your spinal cord can also change, leading to a range of problems within the body.

How CBP Helps You

There are two parts of the CBP technique: postural corrective exercises followed immediately by traction. When you perform your exercises, it warms up the tissues in your body, getting them ready for traction. We’ll increase your time on the traction table slowly, going into the 10-20 minute range that is shown to provide the greatest benefits. It addresses your neck, mid-back and low back at the same time.

If you’re interested in comparing your spine to normal range, call Louisville Spine and Wellness and get set up for full spine X-rays!

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