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Functional Medicine and Our Total Body Approach

man so happy up on airIf you’ve ever gone to a medical doctor or hospital, you know what you can expect when you go there. Your doctor will try to help you find relief from your symptoms and preserve your longevity. While a vital service, what they don’t focus on is critical: the quality of your life.

At Louisville Spine and Wellness, we see a need to fill this gap. That’s why we offer functional medicine on-site. Our practice takes a full-body approach to your health care with several modalities to support chiropractic. Functional medicine has the ability to restore the balance to your body, preventing future and more serious problems from occurring.

An Array of Testing Is Available

At your initial consultation, we’ll perform a thorough evaluation to uncover your needs. If required, we can order bloodwork, urine testing, saliva testing and hormone panels. Through our assessment, we’ll get the information we need about where the imbalances in your body are located and why they’re occurring.

Once determined, we can create your one-of-a-kind functional medicine program. Your customized program is designed to help you find your “sweet spot” – what you need for your body to function at its best.

Your Body Is Amazing

When we correct the imbalances you have, you might just be shocked at the changes you experience. Your body will have the ability to heal, repair, rest and do everything it’s supposed to do. Your inflammation will be under control and your cells and injured tissues can finally repair themselves – all because your body is finally getting what it needs.

Better sleep, greater energy, less pain – who wouldn’t want to enjoy a higher quality of life? Contact Louisville Spine and Wellness today to get started!

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